Would you like to develop your musicianship and improve on your instrument, in a an efficient and enjoyable way?
The joy of music is the best part on what we do as musicians.
In my in-class and online lessons, you can go straight into the topics you’re more interested, and can apply them to your music right away.
By employing several didactic devices, you have the chance to see, listen and absorb every detail of what is being approached, and play it the way it’s most comfortable for you, so you can learn step by step.
No matter what is the style you want to play, pop, rock, jazz, rock, blues, Brazilian music, etc, you can chose what to study.

Some of the topics I cover in my lessons:

Harmony and Improvisation

– Chords, harmonic progressions and how they occur in the repertoire
– Scales, their subsets and their relation to harmony
– Creative processes: melodic construction and improvised solos, improvising with chords, composition exercises
– Rhythmic patterns

Music theory

– Music language fundamentals
– Sight-reading sheet music and chord symbols
– Ear training

Technology applied for musical practices and creation

– Uses of the computer, its peripheral devices and other tools to study, write, record, produce and edit music
– Study of computer basics applied for music: technology development and music
– Digital audio basics
– Introduction to digital audio editing and music production by use of  digital audio workstations (DAWs)
– Study of different resources provided by the MIDI protocol
– Multitrack audio recording and editing. Use of virtual instruments (VSTs)
– Music notation: Introduction to music creation and notation by using dedicated software
– Music practice: studying with the aid of specific tools.

You can book online lessons via Zoom or Skype

Come study with someone ho has a lot of experience in the subject. I’m proud of contribute and participate in the development of a large number of musicians from different generations

To get more info please send me an e-mail by filling the form in my contact page, or contact me through my Instagram page.