The instrumental quartet formed by Leo Garcia (piano), Cristian Faig (flute), Pablo Lazarte (guitar) e Alexandre Damaria (percussion) presents Leo Garcia’s compositions, combining Brazilian jazz  with pop.

The result is a pictorial sound environment, created through a variety of instrumental, timbral and rhythmic configurations, where contemplation, introspection and reflection are proposed, without giving up lightness and sensitivity.

The group has already performed at Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho (TAC), Jurerê Jazz Festival 2017, Projeto Museu Musical at MASC, at TUM Sound Festival 2018, in Florianópolis, at Teatro Edith Gaertner, in Blumenau, and at Casa de CUltura Dide Brandão, in Itajaí.

in 2018, the group produced their first album, “Imagens”, consisting of 10 tracks.

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