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  • This one was produced at my home studio, showcasing one of my compositions. I played keyboard, nylon and steel string guitars, percussion and an arrangement for virtual string orchestra. A cello was played by Arthur Bencke (2016).

    A small footage of my group rehearsing at Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho, Florianópolis – SC (2017).

    I wrote the music and edited this video. I shot the images in Lisbon, Estoril and Sintra – Portugal (2011).


    This movie is the result of a bicycle expedition around Iceland. My friend, photographer and filmmaker Victor Guidini took 48 days to complete the whole circumference of the island (1800 km). I wrote and played the soundtrack (2012).

    A previous incarnation of my group. Nave Vítrea – Teaser (2016).

    Recording guitar parts (2014)


    Morro das Pedras (2007)



    Dança dos Ventos (2008)


    Nave Vítrea – Teaser (2016)



    Noite Feliz – Silent Night (2006)